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  When changing a garage door spring extreme care is needed to replace the spring effectively as well as safely. Although it can be accomplished by an ambitious homeowner with a few specialized and a few common hand tools, often times it is much wiser to pay a trained professional. Improperly replacing a garage door spring can cause injury or death. Identifying a Broken Garage Door Spring: Being able to identify the type of springs that assist your door in upward movement is critical in performing a safe and functional repair.

They travel along the horizontal tracks of your garage door and are mounted to an eye bolt on the doors structural back hang. Extension springs are nearly at rest when the door is full open and fully extended when the door is closed. Not all extension springs will work for your door. Each door takes a specific pair of extension springs for optimal and safe operation. If the wrong springs are applied, the door may not lift with easy or could possibly cause injury from too much tension.


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  If you are not entirely sure of the color or weight of the door it is in the best interest of your safety to call a professional garage door installer and repair company. The extension springs have a cable that runs through the spring referred to as a safety cable. If the spring ever fails it will not cause human injury or property damage because the spring is contained on this cable. This a very safe operating system, however, unlike torsion cables, extension cables are much longer property in the immediate vicinity if they were to fail.   77546, 77549
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    Garage Doors   Once you have determined you have a broken torsion spring you must identify the wire size, inside diameter, which direction it winds, and the total length in inches so you can order the correct garage door springs. A well-designed spring system counterbalances your garage door. The correct spring system required for safe and consistent equilibrium of your Clopay garage door is predetermined by our engineers and shipped with your door.   Garage Door Tracks
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      Clopay spring systems are considered among the best in the industry. Here are some things to consider when comparing the safety of garage door springing systems. Clopay strongly recommends that only a trained garage door professional install standard torsion springs.
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