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  Having a fully-functioning garage door is very important, especially in the Houston, Texas area. If someone has a garage door that does not open properly during the winter months it is going to make it extremely difficult to ensure the car is heated properly before entering. It also is going to require an individual to scrape the windows of the vehicle and take more time out of their day in order to remove the ice and snow from the window.

The harsh Houston, TX winters make this extremely difficult on anyone, which is why it is so important to opt into a new garage door service. Whether the person uses a garage door repair or brand new garage door installation equipment, we are able to offer several different features, all of which are sure to provide the very best care for the customer. We provide customers with three very specific services. These include the ability to design a custom door, have the customer select from a specific operator and accessory equipment.


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  When it comes to designing a new door, we allow a customer to select from different custom made and brand new garage doors. This way, the size is cut specifically to the garage, not to mention the best look, color and window placement is used as well. There are all sorts of different options for a customer to select from, all of which make the garage door unique. Plus, with the Door Imagination System, a customer can see exactly what the garage door is going to look like on the house, before it is actually installed.   77546, 77549
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    Garage Doors   There are different operator and accessory devices available on the market and we provide the very best to our customer. This includes finger print and keyless entry services for external security and the ability to access the interior of a garage door without the automatic door opener. Laser parking and door monitoring services are also available as well, giving the customer an extensive number of options and features available.   Garage Door Repairs
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      Finally, we offer customers with the very best same day service and repair for current garage doors. During these visits, we can determine what is causing the problem and typically correct the issue the same day. Plus, we carry all major brands and offer a lifetime warranty on current equipment we install.
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