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  Bent tracks are usually caused by a door malfunction that made the door crooked and bent the track in the process. Or often hit by a car. When track has been damaged it will often damage or bend the brackets that attach the track to the wall. Garage door track comes in two pieces. The vertical track that runs up the wall on either side of door. The other is horizontal track that has the curved part and runs along the ceiling of the garage.

If the track is only slightly out of shape it can be bent back into shape but you will most likely need to replace the wall brackets to keep track in its proper position. Horizontal track has a reinforcement on the outside part of track. Usually towards the front of garage. Some track is made to be heavy duty for heavier doors. If the heavy duty track gets bent it needs to be replaced. Also the track is vital for a door to function properly. If i can bend track back in place then i will give the customer that option. The door manufactures don't sell the track in pieces you have to buy the whole set at once.


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  The most important thing about having the track in good condition is the rollers in the rack. can pop out of the track causing other problems with the door. Or the track being too far away from the sides of the door will also make the rollers slide out of door hinges. this is worse than a roller just popping out because when the roller slides out the door will just fall to the ground in some cases. If you need a piece of track to be replaced.   77546, 77549
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    Garage Doors   Ask technician if he might have a spare piece laying around before you have to replace the whole set. Worn hinges are less common than worn rollers. But sloppy hinges make a lot of noise and can cause the door to bind and wear out the tongue-and-groove joints at the door sections. Some play at the hinge is normal. But if you see an oblong hole where the tubular hinge pin mates with the hinge bracket, replace the hinge.   Garage Door Tracks
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      A loose garage door opener chain makes loud slapping sounds and causes jerky door movements that smack the rollers against the track. So start by tightening the chain. If you have a track drive opener, the next step is to lubricate the opener track with grease.
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